Ready to make a positive difference in your relationships?

Ready to make a positive difference in your relationships?

 According to research conducted by the Gottman’s, trust and respect are significant variables to a happy and successful relationship. But another variable, made famous by researcher Brene Brown, is vulnerability!

Allowing your self to be vulnerable may contribute to a more positive and meaningful relationship space.

 Here are some things to consider.

1) Recognize and acknowledge your vulnerability!  Many try to ignore and/or hide those aspects of ourselves.  You may be scared to share that side of you because you and culture often view it as a weakness and may have had bad experiences in the past.

  • People often build walls. These walls start out as protections from potential hurts. Unfortunately, these walls are quite destructive and often create isolation and only a myth of protection.
  • It’s not easy to bring these walls down and sometimes getting help is your best bet.
  • Sharing your...

The Vulnerable Self

Brené Brown has brought shame out of the closet for everyone, through her TED talks, books and more recently, her Netflix special.   Her ideas and concepts really resonate with so many. She makes great sense but ONE thing that many audience members forget is that when Dr. Brown discovered the concept of vulnerability she went for therapy and spent 8 years working on herself!  

Now, there are two things I am pretty darn sure of; one is that therapy does not need to take 8 years; the other is that I am sure this was NOT some form of cognitive/behavioral therapy. 

Why is this important?

Because knowing that something is a good idea or concept and resonating deeply with that idea or concept does NOT mean that it will transform your life and transcend your suffering. It would be nice if that were the case but its just not how it works. 

You see, inherent in the idea of vulnerability and how it intersects with a personal sense...


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