A Night of Sweet and Delicious Memories

I don’t usually attend my sister’s Passover celebration.  It’s a schlep and my current bed time is actually quite early.  But this year was the first Passover since my mom’s passing so I was moved to go.  Little did I realize it would be filled with some wonderful surprises.  

You see, my sister had made brisket and chicken cooked to my mother’s specifications!  It brought me back almost 8 years prior to when my mom still cooked. It was magical to experience the pleasure and the joy. I am so delighted that my sister still remembers how she cooked some of our favorite dishes. 

But wait! There is more!

My brother-in-law handed me a serving spoon for desert. It was SO familiar. I looked at it carefully and then I remembered.  You see, the handle was ever so melted. I laughed and smiled.  It was my mother’s and now its home was at my sister’s place. I was delighted.

My mother may not have been at...


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