That’s how my grandmother would ask, a kind of yidlish (Yiddish/English) short hand. But already I digress! (See what happens, all of a sudden I’m Jackie Mason) Any how, this question would usually illicit a kind of grunted “gut (good) how’s by you?” If the conversation would continue, it would be about; aches, pains, medications, doctor visits, the health of everyone and anyone, births, marriages, deaths and illness. Is that everything?...Yeah…that’s about right.

Let’s not go there, I started writing this for another reason.

Think of this post like a newsletter...with some updates!

There is a lot NU and I wanted to share it with you. You see, over the summer, I have been surprisingly productive. Believe it or not, being productive is not one of my values but when I am inspired, moved, curious and creative, things happen!

My health

Knock wood, I am doing quite well over all. Gout is 98% better, which is in totally the right direction...


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