Who are you?

Our mediated curated self.  Have you noticed how much effort some people make in their social media lives?  Social media seems like a lot of pictures of hot bodies, great food, fantastic friends and amazing experiences, etc. - all a presentation of self or, more accurately, a presentation of a self-image. 

An image is not who we really are, what we really experience, what we really think and what we really feel.  It actually seems to create more distance from our most intimate experiential SELF.  This is basically the practice of the objectification of self (and consequently others).  Objectification, as a process, tends to dehumanize.  Now, I am not suggesting the banning of social media and participation in it.  What I am suggesting is spending some time with your actual self experiencing and giving some space to re-humanize!

Eric G. Schneider (c) 2019


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