A simple, elegant, transformative, structured self reflection practice

What others are saying

In the midst of a chaotic and traumatic year, this practice entered my life as a gift. No stranger to self-reflective practices, I underestimated how the daily practice would come to reshape my thoughts and perspective on my life and relationships. The sense of scarcity that used to grip each day has faded to a sense of wholeness; and the resentment I used to hold against my partner is now excitement and gratitude for all he brings to my life.

Justin Shaddix, Co-founder, Workplace Culture Trainer

What you will learn in this free webinar...

  1. The # 1 relationship problem.
  2. What this practice is and how it addresses this problem.
  3. What the practice actually entails so that you can implement it and start benefiting from it TODAY!
  4. A bonus of email follow ups to help you incorporate this practice into your life.
  5. An opportunity to get more guidance and support in implementation of this practice.

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