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"The quality of your relationships are ultimately determined by the quality of the relationship you have with yourself"--Eric G. Schneider

Let me ask you, when it comes to your relationships do you...

  • ever feel down, discouraged, depleted or depressed?
  • ever feel inadequate or insecure?
  • engage in people pleasing only to find out that it backfires in your face?
  • ever feel like you are under a mountain of self criticism?

Or perhaps...

  • You feel critical or judgmental of others?
  • You lash out, argue, name call or put down people you actually love and care about?
  • You often pull away, sulk or pout?


You are NOT alone.

And that it why I created a process and practice that can help you!

The "Experiential Self-Intimacy(TM)" process and practice is focused on the relationship you have with YOURSELF.

While most relationship professionals are busy focused on FIXING and REPAIRING the relationship, The "Experiential Self-Intimacy(TM)  practice focuses on  something VERY different.

There are two approaches to life and especially LOVE.  The first is strategic, a kind of consumer-based orientation.  It’s where time, energy and resources are spent trying to FIGURE OUT what to do or what to say in order to GET what you THINK you want which you THINK will provide you with complete FULFILLMENT, total happiness and endless pleasure. This first approach leads to ENDLESS seeking and chronic suffering; a cycle of highs and lows, disappointments, discouragements and disillusionments.  

The second approach leads to healing and freedom.  It is to utilize your life circumstances and ESPECIALLY your relationships as grist for the mill for your psychospiritual growth, development and evolution.

It is a more difficult and challenging path.   But it’s outcome is greater, more reliable, richer and far more rewarding.

The "Experiential Self-Intimacy(TM)  transforms HOW you SHOW UP IN and FOR your relationships.

What difference would it make for you, if you lived in greater peace, equanimity, compassion, openness and love?

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