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Let me ask you, when it comes to your relationships do you...

  • ever feel down, discouraged, depleted or depressed?
  • ever feel inadequate or insecure?
  • engage in people pleasing only to find out that it backfires in your face?
  • ever feel like you are under a mountain of self criticism?

Or perhaps...

  • You feel critical or judgmental of others?
  • You lash out, argue, name call or put down people you actually love and care about?
  • You often pull away, sulk or pout?


You are NOT alone.

And that it why I created a 3P Life!

So what is a 3P Life?

"A 3P life (TM) is a life of genuine presence, true power and deep passion and is the outcome of my "Experiential Inquiry Process (TM)". This process helps you break free from the socio-cultural constraints and restraints of the socialized self that often impair your ability to live and love freely, openly and successfully.

Are you READY for a 3P life?

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