Taking Your Time

ritual slow down Apr 21, 2019

My grandfather was a man who took his time. He was quite the dapper gentleman.

Even shaving was quite a ritual especially compared to what used to be my shaving ritual. You see, post shower, I would use a Gillette razor with disposable heads, making quick work of the area under my scruff. 

But grandpa did it differently. He used something called a Rolls Razor. An amazing contraption that is a single blade, sharpening stone, strop and handle all built into a stainless steel case.

The process of sharpening, stropping and assembling requires a bit of time and focused attention. The blade is very sharp! How do I know? Well I found one, brand new, on eBay. While the company discontinued making them in 1958, there are a few out there that have never been used. 

Adding this to my own morning ritual is incredibly satisfying. How could you take more time to slow down a bit?

Eric G. Schneider (c) 2019


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