Eric G. Schneider


Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

For Individuals and those in relationships
Intensive Short-Term Psychodyamic Therapy

There are many good reasons to come to therapy.

Perhaps you are struggling with anxiety or depression.

Perhaps you are struggling with substance use and miss use.

Perhaps some sexuality issues; dysfunction, changes in libido and desire or something in relation to your own sexual self expression.

Maybe some are about relationship issues; having one, dealing with conflict or feeling disconnected, or other kinds of relationship struggles; affairs, betrayals, etc.

or perhaps you are expanding  your horizons with psychedelics and want to integrate those experiences.

We can't promise that I can help you, we can only really find that out together.

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For a long time, poets, musicians, artists, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and many others have wrestled with the triumphs, tragedies, difficulties and challenges of love, sex and relationships.  Many have tried to offer wisdom about these important aspects of our lives.  And yet, many still struggle and find it all frustrating and discouraging. 

So what or how can psychotherapy help?  This is a great question.  In order to answer that, I borrow a quote...

"The more one is able to laugh when one feels happy, cry when one feels sad, use anger to define specific limits, to make love passionately and to give and receive tenderness fully and openly, the more distant one travels from suffering. The more joy of living one feels, the easier it is to be generous and live with others" (1997) - Leigh McCullough-Vaillant, Ph.D.

This quote alludes to our interconnected, interdependent relational reality.  It also implies the importance of your capacity to really know and experience your emotions for they provide guidance, direction ,resilience, and creativity in your life. 

So, if this quote speaks to you, than we may have a solid starting point. 

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